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Now, more than ever, the success of our industry hinges on the quality of the working relationships between insurers and those who provide the critically needed claims services. We are all in the problem-solving business and our effectiveness is driven by the quality and solidity of those business relationships. The PLRB is THE relationship organization of the claims industry. We work for all of our members by providing thorough legal and technical research, the most claims-oriented catastrophe tracking and informational linking in the world, and the best industry meetings anywhere.

What Do You Get?

Service Provider Listing - links insurers to your business 


  • Conference/Seminar Registration Fees
  • Expos and Sponsorships 

Advance Notice of Networking Opportunities

  • Enhanced Presenting Opportunities at Conferences and Seminars
  • Expo Booth Selection - Sponsorship Availability

On-Line Reference Materials

  • Insurance Statutes and Regulations
  • Weather/Catastrophe Information (current/historical/breaking)
  • Technical Reference Training (ClaimStar)
  • Distance Learning Modules
  • Technical Training Manuals
  • Meeting Handouts (Claims Conference and all other PLRB educational events)

E-Newsletter - Weekly Case Law, Catastrophe, Educational News

Industry Voice - Eligiable to Participate on PLRB Planning Committees

White Paper Publishing Service - Demonstrate Your Expertise to Insurers


The following are eligible for the PLRB Affiliate Member Progam:

  • Independent adjusters or adjusting companies, i.e., those providing property or casualty claims adjustment services directly to insurers on an independent contractor basis; and
  • Service providers who directly assist insurers in the property/casualty claims adjustment process, including but not limited to, salvors, engineers, accountants, restoration contractors, replacement services, professional appraisers, and attorneys.

Affiliate Membership is open to entities such as solo practitioners, partnerships, corporations, or limited liability entities. PLRB is a trade association as apposed to a professional association. Consequently, membership is not offered to individuals, departments or divisions within eligible entities. Partial memberships in the PLRB are not offered.

Franchisors and franchisees may become affiliate members only under limited circumstances. Please see Member Application (Franchisor) for specific requirements.


The advantages you gain as a PLRB Affiliate Member include:

Preferred Presenter Status -PLRB Affiliate Members get early notice of PLRB calls for presenters and claims educational topics at many of our educational conferences. Affiliates thus get an early opportunity to submit presentation proposals. We select presentation topics and presenters based upon claims industry identified needs. To the extent that your proposals align with industry needs, you will have an excellent opportunity to participate in our programs. We particularly favor presentations that include both claims adjusters and various service provider experts jointly addressing technical issues and topics. PLRB chooses presenters based on their expertise and presentation skills, and Affiliate Members with the requisite qualifications are given serious consideration in the presenter-selection process. Participating as a presenter at a PLRB educational conference helps you demonstrate your expertise to your customers and potential customers. If you would like to submit a topic outline and volunteer to be a presenter at one of our claims educational meetings, please contact PLRB's VP of Educational and Technical Services, Scott Powell, at 630-724-2226, spowell@plrb.org. Lots more information about volunteering to be a presenter and maximizing the quality of your presentation is available on line at http://www.plrb.org/education/PresenterResources.htm.

Increased Networking Through Expanded Meeting Schedule -Your opportunities to appear as a presenter, exhibitor, or sponsor include five different educational meetings. Each of these events draws hundreds of claims-handling decision makers-supervisors, managers, GAs, EGAs, and claims officers-from our member and non-member insurance companies. Our annual Claims Conference is always the largest property and casualty claims educational and training event in the industry, typically attracting between 1200 and 1600 member insurer claims people. Our Western, Central, and Eastern Regional Adjusters Conferences continue to grow in terms of member insurer participation, with each meeting offering the opportunity to interact with hundreds of member insurer claims people. Our 2015 Claims Conference will be in Anaheim, CA, at the Anaheim Convention Center and the Anaheim Marriott & Hilton Anaheim Hotels. And in 2015 we will hold our two-day Regional Adjuster Conferences in Frisco, TX, Columbus, OH, and Atlanta, GA. We also are planning our Large Loss Conference for Washington, D.C. It will offer detailed examinations of the registrant's choice of large, complex casualty claims or first-party property personal lines or commercial lines loss scenarios. Your participation and support of these events will accelerate the growth of your claims industry contacts and relationships. For exhibition, sponsorship, or registration information about these events, click on the appropriate event in the right-hand column of our home page, www.plrb.org.

Continuing Education -All our live educational meetings routinely qualify for adjuster CE credit from CPCU, RPA, and many states, including Delaware, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Texas. In addition, our meetings all qualify for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit in Florida and Illinois. PLRB's ever-expanding series of on-line distance learning modules and the property and casualty certification programs are available to all PLRB Affiliate Member employees free of charge and all these courses also qualify for adjuster CE in California, Florida, Louisiana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming, as well as attorney CLE in Florida and Illinois. At this writing we now have 57 two-hour on-line courses offering CE and CLE credit with more being added all the time. For the last several years we have produced distance learning modules offering at least 15 hours of new adjuster continuing education from our on-line courses each year, enough to satisfy adjuster continuing education requirements just by taking such courses each year. In 2015 we will continue producing these courses to expand the offerings beyond basic property and casualty topics to include more specialized commercial and personal lines subjects. To view a list of our on-line distance learning modules, see http://www.plrb.org/education/distlearn.cfm?ss=10. As an affiliate member, you are also eligible to sponsor our distance learning modules. If you'd like to find out more about this opportunity, contact Tom O'Dowd at 630-724-2224, todowd@plrb.org.

Discounts -Your PLRB Affiliate Membership gives you tangible financial benefits in the form of discounts to all our educational events. These discounts apply not only to attending, but also to exhibiting, and sponsoring. Taking advantage of such discounts can alone easily recoup your entire Affiliate Membership dues. If you would like to talk to PLRB about how you can take better advantage of these discounts, please contact Tom O'Dowd at 630-724-2224, todowd@plrb.org.

Industry Voice -We have in place a committee structure through which our Affiliate Members can increasingly participate in the planning, development, marketing, and administering of a variety of PLRB educational programs, particularly the networking aspects of most importance to Affiliates. These committees give our Affiliates a significant voice in the delivery of PLRB's educational services and thus a substantial influence in the claims industry. If you would like to participate and lend your voice and expertise to shaping our industry services, please contact PLRB's corporate Secretary, Hugh Strawn, at 630-724-2230, hstrawn@plrb.org.

Service Provider Listing -Insurers are increasingly searching for service providers to meet the very specific loss adjustment and mitigation needs posed by problem losses and multiple catastrophic events. Using software designed for PLRB by ClaimsPages, the PLRB Service Provider Directory provides insurers and the public with a simple, three-click means of searching a database of over 1,000,000 businesses for firms which match the selections the user has made. The Directory then automatically builds and displays a list of all service providers fitting the selected requirements of expertise and geographic area served, together with full contact information, including map, Web site, and e-mail links. PLRB Affiliate Members always appear at the top of the retrieved list of providers and renewing Affiliate Members never lose their place at the top of the list to newer Affiliates. In addition, we have created an Alphabetical List of our Affiliates which insurers and the public can search. Each of these separate functions help make you easier to find by our members' adjusters and more visible to the industry-not to mention enhanced visibility to the public since the Service Provider Directory is not password protected and is thus available to anyone looking for the type of services you offer.

Information Services -the PLRB also offers its Affiliate Members valuable informational services through full and unlimited access to the PLRB Affiliate Member Web site:

  • Distance learning-a wide variety of on-line distance learning modules dealing with core coverage interpretation and loss adjustment skills--with an ever-increasing number offering CE and CLE credit--are available;
  • Learning and Reference Materials-collected from our many educational conferences and symposiums;
  • Educational Materials-including the In-House Educational Series (highly valued by our members for years);
  • PLRB Front Lines-a weekly e-newsletter providing case law news with in-brief summaries and links to the actual court decisions, "Test Your Claims Knowledge" quizzes, plus other PLRB news and information; and
  • Catastrophe Information-the most claims-oriented catastrophe tracking and informational linking service in the world, providing both current and historical geocoded data in text, tabular, and the graphic PLRB Map formats.
  • Webinars

We have developed "PLRB Web Services for PLRB Affiliate Members," a PowerPoint presentation which will quickly show you and your staff how to take full advantage of all the on-line resources available to you as a PLRB Affiliate Member. To see this presentation, go to http://www.plrb.org/help/TechnicalHelpPages/downloads.html . From that screen, at your option, you can view the presentation on-line, have it e-mailed to you, or directly download it to your computer for later viewing and review.

Financial Discounts and Benefits of PLRB Affiliate Membership



Affiliate Member Non-Member Membership Benefit

Claims Conference

Expo Booths per 10' x 10' space










Platinum Sponsor





Gold Sponsor





Sunday Reception





Extra Booth Staff







Regional Adjusters Conference

Expo Booths per 8' x 10' space










Registration by Exhibitor





Platinum Sponsor





Gold Sponsor










Extra Booth Staff







Large Loss Conference






Platinum Sponsor





Gold Sponsor





Discounted Sponsor Registrations




Distance Learning Modules








Industry Good Will






Application Forms

Member Application (standard)

Member Application (franchisor)

Dues Calculator 

For an approximate calculation of your annual Affliate Member dues, please visit here.


The great value of trade associations is found in their promotion of ideas and strategies for the success of their members. From the diverse and imaginative curriculum of the Claims Conference, Regional Adjuster Conferences, and Large Loss Conference, to the solid legal research and analysis of our highly regarded legal staff, or our in-depth catastrophe tracking and reporting, the PLRB and its 1,300-plus insurer and Affiliate Members are working together to create and implement the solutions that will shape our industry's future.

Take advantage of the opportunities provided to your company by the PLRB Affiliate Member Program, not only as a means to directly market your company, but also for the value of exclusive high-quality information and education, the power of sharing ideas with industry thought leaders, and the most effective relationship-building network in the industry.